Peace, Love & Fuzz

Peace, Love & Fuzz Book
Peace, Love & Fuzz

The Amazing Story of Danelectro® Guitars, Snark® Tuners and Foxx Pedals.   By STEVE RIDINGER

At age 18, Steve Ridinger founded FOXX pedals in an aging strip mall in North Hollywood, California. Production workers labored until midnight to try to keep up with orders for the new pedals. As they worked they often heard the sound of fist fights and breaking bottles from the seedy beer bar next door.

In 1998 Steve brought Danelectro® guitars back to the market after a 30 year absence. Danelectro® sold over 100,000 guitars the first year.

During a long illness, Steve designed a better clip-on guitar tuner. In 2010 he launched Snark® which quickly became the number one selling tuner. More than 15,000,000 Snark® tuners have been sold to date.

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"A great read from one of the true innovators of our industry."
-Larry Thomas
Former CEO of Guitar Center and Fender
"Steve is an American entrepreneur with a drive to be reckoned with and a life story full of passion and vigor. It’s fun, tear jerking and a great ride.
-Phil Rich
Chief Supply Chain Officer, SWEETWATER
"Steve Ridinger is one of the most interesting people in the world. Since his early teenage years he has always been at the forefront of what was about to happen.""
-Josh Scott Founder and Resident Genius
JHS Pedals