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IN THE HILLS ABOVE HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA… sit several well known canyons. Beachwood Canyon, to the East of Hollywood, is home to the famous HOLLYWOOD sign. To the West sits Nichols Canyon, where Foxx pedals founder and current Danelectro® owner Steve lived with his parents in the mid 1960’s. It was in the garage of that home on Nichols Canyon Place that Steve created his first effects pedal, which he named “The Liverpool Fuzz Tone”. Steve had no money to buy a fuzz and no access to any schematics. So he created a completely unique circuit architecture that has never been seen again. Although he called his box a “fuzz”, it was in fact half way between a distortion and a fuzz. This incredible box dishes out delicious tones unlike those of any pedal ever made. While Steve labored to create this new box in 1966, less than 2 miles away in Laurel Canyon musicians were collaborating on what would become the most famous songs of the 1960’s.
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